March Update

Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday have been and gone, and we find ourselves well and truly in the season of Lent. Churches, groups and individuals across the Diocese of Rochester have begun using the Place in the Crowd material; it is inspiring and humbling to see many share their insights and experiences on Twitter using the hashtag #PlaceInTheCrowd.

Thanks also to those leaders planning ahead and spotting the errors on the website – it’s incredibly helpful to have feedback. The weblink to the Spirituality and Dementia blog in Session Two has now been fixed.

We have been overwhelmed with requests for the printed books and have sadly run out of the Course Books, but you can download and print them from the Welcome page. We’re just trying to work out if a reprint is practical (our fear is that you might have almost reached Easter before they are printed and posted). We still have lots of Leaders Books, which you can order from the Request Resources page.

For those leading sessions, in Session 4a we suggest you might like to meet in a ‘different’ space – you’ll want to think about this ahead of time. For the same session, we’ve provided the Exploring Prison Chaplaincy information, but you might also like to seek out the 40Acts material for Day 5, written by Bishop James – try the facebook link for the introduction and challenge.

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