Here you will find resources and additional ideas to use with this week’s session.

Warming Up

We suggest you might like to look at different images which illustrate issues. Try for free images – but when looking for images be mindful of the narrative that those images carry and how they work at reinforcing prejudice.

Living it out

This week our focus explores responses to people with dementia.

Julia Burton-Jones is a dementia specialist project officer working within the Mission and Community Engagement team.  Her two-year project began in May 2015 and is funded by Henry Smith Surplus of the Poor Clergy Fund.

Here’s a list of some of the churches across the Diocese who have been involved in  Julia’s project and set up new activities aimed at people with dementia:

  • Rochester Parish – a monthly dementia café and carers support group at St Peter’s Church
  • Christ Church Chislehurst – a monthly dementia café and carers education programme
  • South Gillingham Parish – monthly dementia friendly services on a Wednesday afternoon at St Matthew’s Wigmore
  • St Mark’s Biggin Hill – a regular dementia friendly service
  • St Martin’s Chelsfield – launching a monthly dementia café in March
  • St Edmund’s Temple Hill – launching a monthly dementia café in March
  • Beckenham deanery – a network of dementia friendly church champions meeting twice a year after setting a deanery mission plan for all churches to be dementia friendly
  • St Mary’s Shortlands – hosted Bromley Dementia Action Alliance Christmas carol service
  • St Stephen’s Tonbridge – monthly Sunday afternoon tea for older people inclusive of people with dementia (after Dementia Friends training), plus recruiting a chaplain for the new Abbeyfield care home in the parish who is now an Anna Friend

There are lots more examples, but this hopefully gives you some idea of what is happening.  Many churches are working with Julia on how they support local care home communities.

There are articles on the website which explore nature, relationships and person-centered support.

There is also more information on the Diocesan website at including articles and guidelines on dementia friendly churches communities.

You also might like to watch this short film of Julia, made to promote Table Talk for Fourth Agers, which is a game of conversations. It’s a resource to encourage people to talk about issues we might face in later life.


cana-caterers Download and print this script of an imagined monologue of a household servant from the wedding at Cana. (C) Mandy Carr 2011.


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