Here you will find resources and additional ideas to use with this week’s session.

Warming up


To start you off, here’s some phrases which use the word ‘crowd’:

  • play to the crowd
  • the wrong crowd
  • work the crowd
  • crowd pleaser
  • crowd-puller
  • crowd around someone or something
  • crowd in (on someone or something)
  • crowd in(to) some place
  • crowd together
  • far from the madding crowd
  • follow the crowd

If you’ve got more, add them in the comments at the bottom of this page (think of it as crowd-sourcing – ooh there’s another one!).

The wisdom of crowds

Here’s the link to the Economist article on The wisdom of crowds –

Living it out

The March 2017 edition of Rochester Link was packed full of articles about Children and Young People – there’s an online version here or pick up a copy in your local church.

You might also like to look at the Diocesan website to see what our Children & Young People’s team offer and are up to.

The team produce a regular email newsletter, read the latest one here, which you might like to sign up to and use for prayer points.

Praying it in

Here’s the link to the stations of the cross in Times and Seasons © The Archbishops’ Council 2006

Multi Media

casting-stones script for the dramatic retelling of the story of the woman caught in adultery, picking up the theme of crowds changing and perceptions of Jesus.

You might prefer to watch this filmed version together:

(c) Mandy Carr 2012.


Previous Session: Session Two – Food Given Out

Next Session: Session Four A – Peter Down And Out



4 thoughts on “Session Three – Listen To Them Shout

  1. Living it out – says stories about young people coming soon. We are doing Session 3 this week, in fact tomorrow!! If i am to use the material, I need it now.


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