Here you will find resources and additional ideas to use with this week’s session.

Entering the Story

Here is a printable PDF file of Resource Sheet 2 – a storyboard – for use in this section. It’s also in the back of the Leaders Book.


Living it out

Session Four invites us to reflect on the life of Peter, and this session and the next explore how we are caught up in behaviours that damage us, friends and family, those in our community, and, ultimately, with the whole created order. They also invite us to explore the nature of forgiveness, repentance, reconciliation and justice.

Working in prison focuses sharply focuses some of these questions. We invited Rev Dr Geoffrey Burn to share his experience from HMP Rochester – read  Exploring Prison Chaplaincy for insight, a wealth of resources and an invitation.

You might also like to look at the website for Kent Workplace Mission, an ecumenical charity working across Kent, Medway, Bromley and Bexley, and committed to living out Christian discipleship in the workplace.

Multi Media

who-do-you-say-you-are This is the script file for the dramatic imagining of a servant in Caiaphas’ house, reflecting on the arrest of Jesus. (c) Mandy Carr 2012.

You can also watch the filmed version of this here:


Previous Session: Session Three – Listen To Them Shout

Next Session: Session Four B – Pilate Seeks A Get-Out

2 thoughts on “Session Four A – Peter Down And Out

  1. Hello – I’m preparing to lead session 4a – but can’t find “resource sheet 2” mentioned in leader’s notes; thanks


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