Here you will find resources and additional ideas to use with this week’s session.

Warming up

Here are some images of snowdrops, taken by Patrick Carr and used with kind permission.

If you feel at ease with this tradition, here are examples of the Anastasis


The Anatasis fresco in the parekklesion of the Chora Church, Instanbul, 14th c. (Other file images at

And you will find an alternative at 

Living it out

This week our stories from across the Diocese will focus on the ways people have come alongside those who find themselves in difficult circumstances.

Here is a short film about the Medway Winter Night Shelter. Similar shelters operate across the Diocese throughout the coldest months.

In February this year churches and Christians across the Diocese focused on the issue of Loan Sharks. This short film shows some of the activities that took place

There is also this blog post which explains more about the campaign and has links to more films Stop Loan Sharks!

Multi Media

Here are the Word files for the two meditations / monologues mentioned in the book.



Both (c) Mandy Carr.


Previous Session: Session Four B – Pilate Seeks A Get-Out

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